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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Maredsous - Brune 8

Dead Soldier
Where to Dig Up More About This Beer
Maredsous Brune (Bruin) 8
Brouwerij Duvel Moortgat
Breendonkdorp 58
Breendonk-Puurs, 2870 Belgium

Brain Damage Quotient = 8.0 % ABV
Fluid Oz. = 11.2 

Postmortem Brew Review
Dark brown pour.
Malty sweetness and dark fruits on the nose.
Light brown head that produces one and a half fingers of head. Sticks around a while.
Draped lacing on glass.
Roasted malts and caramel with some dark frutiness. Tastes consistent with the aromas.
Lightly carbonated. Thin drinking quality with dry malt aftertaste.
Medium bodied. Alcohol is nicely masked.

Grim Reaper's Eulogy
Maredsous is brewed under the Duvel Moortgat family of beers. The tradition of monastic brewing goes back to the 6th century, where St. Benedict encouraged monks to contribute to the local communities and their brewing processes were used. Because of disease and other epidemics, the practice of boiling water had become common and was used in the production of their beer. Yes, the Reaper was on hand during those difficult plague ridden times. Ah those were the days. But I digress...don't hate the player...after all, they learned to survive on beer making practices. So there you have it. The Reaper was the impetus behind beer's ability to flourish. Winning!

At that time, these beers were likely to be low in alcohol as a result and reserved for fasting monks that often made their entire diet on these brews. More enjoyably for us now, they are available in higher ABV percentages.

Be sure to also visit the Abbaye's webpage for Maredsous. Beautiful ale with a beautiful website, as a bonus. As if we need a bonus beyond the beer.

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