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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Grand Canyon Brewing - Black Iron India Pale Ale

Iron Soldier
Where to Dig Up More About This Beer
Black Iron India Pale Ale
Grand Canyon Brewing Company
233 W. Route 66
Williams, AZ USA

Brain Damage Quotient = ?.? % ABV
Fluid Oz. = 12.0

Postmortem Brew Review
Translucent golden amber color.
Appears to be unfiltered as there are suspended particulates.
Grapefruit like hops bang on the nose.
Two and a half finger, fluffy white head that settles rapidly to a nice cover.
Great spiderweb lacing on the glass.
Sticky hops taste. Lots of good hops resin notes coat the tongue.
Light to medium bodied.

Grim Reaper's Eulogy

I placed a FaceBook question with three beers to review, all for your reading pleasure today. This one was the clear choice of you wandering souls. I found this in Arizona while visiting, a while back.  Just for the record, if you are reading the notes above, I was not bored and getting carried away with the ? key. Interestingly, I couldn't dig up jack about this IPA on their website! I mean, they have their amber ale, pilsner beer, pale ale, raspberry wheat, white water wheat, stout and even a 'seasonal' listing, (deep breath) but sadly, zilch on this terrific IPA. No ABV info on this ale. Nothing about when they were formed as a brewery, either. Sheeesh! 

But fear not, my minions!  The autopsy is just in on this IPA. The hops hit you straight away from the pop of the can tab. Stick foam covered my bony finger as I cracked it open. The hops are there and add a lot of warmth.  Either that or the thermostat is broken down here in hell. Speaking of its heat, the warmth may also be due to the unknown amount of alcohol by volume. Since there is nothing to go on from the website, I turned to two 'other' fairly reputable sources, but they too do not have a clue as to its ABV. Judging by other IPA's drunk, I'd place it in the 6 % to 6.5% range. Possibly a tad more even...

So in closing, we don't know a hell of a lot about this brew. GRAND CANYON ARE YOU OUT THERE??? You've got to place a bit of info on this wonderful libation on your website and correct the err of your ways, SOON. Cripes, do you need a branding manager?  I'm me. ;-)

Oh, by the way dear all should try this IPA if you get a chance. It's very sessionable. That is all.

Now back to playing with the keyboard?????        ????????????????????? ??????????????????         ???????????????????              ??????????????????             ????????????????????????????????????

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