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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Samuel Adams - Utopias 2009

Potent Patriot
Where to Dig Up More About This Beer
Samuel Adams - Utopias 2009
Boston Beer Company
Boston, MA USA

Brain Damage Quotient = 27.00 % ABV
Fluid Oz. = 3.0 

Postmortem Brew Review
Rich amber color.
Smell of alcohol like bourbon, wafts from the snifter.
No carbonation, no head. Served at room temp.
Extremely sweet on the sip; sweet and malty in taste.
Dry on the palate and warming going down.
Some alcohol bounce at the end, but mellow.
After 20-30 seconds a distinct beer flavor presence appears.
There are clear 'legs' that coat the glass when swirled.
Medium bodied viscous mouth feel, similar in feel to pure maple syrup.

Grim Reaper's Eulogy
I got two words for you.........."UTOPIAS, BITCHES!"

Contrary to popular belief, you meet the nicest people at bars.  I met Dean at World of Beer over the holidays and we struck up a casual, yet mutual conversation over beers.  He is experienced in sampling many different beers as myself, but has had some that I would never have the same access to.  He told me he had a bottle of Sam Adams Utopias and was willing to share some with me.  I blushed at the prospect.

Our mutual admiration for different beers led us to a second meeting with his wife Jennifer, and that sealed the deal for today's third meeting.  Meeting today with Utopias in hand, he poured a generous sample of the libation for me to review.  I felt as giddy as an eight year old schoolgirl.  The beer is amber and rich like a fine bourbon.  The most peculiar thing noted was looking into the glass from the top, I could see my fingers at the bottom, holding the glass.  But when observed from the side through the glass snifter, through the beer, my fingers disappeared.  The stuff was like polarizing film when turned at a 90 degree angle.  That was odd to say the least.  

Utopias has a heady distinct alcohol smell to the nose and again, I'm thinking bourbon.  That is where the differences end.  The taste is very sweet initially, and slowly simmers down while warming and coating the tongue and back of your throat.  Where a whiskey or bourbon would continue warming down the esophagus into the stomach, the beer quits at that point. But, at about 30 seconds into the sip, there is an unmistakeable beer flavor that makes it's presence known.  Very good, indeed!

Overall, I found it quite interesting and pleasurable to sip.  It is not one to quaff in volume as it is a mind boggling 27% ABV.  Enjoying it with a cigar would make a great pairing if you partake in smokes.  Most importantly, enjoy it with friends, old or new!


  1. I'm glad I could share this with you and I'm looking forward to seeing you at WOB again and again. Maybe if we're lucky my Tactical Nuclear Penguin will be in before the month ends and it will be warm enough to sit outside and enjoy it with that cigar.

  2. I will study up on Brewdog's TNP and all of its qualities. It should be awesome like the Utopias.