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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lazy Magnolia - Indian Summer Spiced Ale

Reincarnated Soldier
Where to Dig Up More About This Beer
Lazy Magnolia - Indian Summer Spiced Ale
Lazy Magnolia Brewing Company

7030 Roscoe Turner Road
Kiln, MS USA
Est. 2005

Brain Damage Quotient = 4.8 % ABV
Fluid Oz. = 12.0 

Postmortem Brew Review
Clear orange/yellow color.
Citrusy and spicy.  Coriander and orange on the nose. Some malt.
Three finger white, soapy head.
Foam leaves behind nice lacing.

Nice orange flavor without overpowering. Also malt and yeast detected.
Light and refreshing mouth feel.

Grim Reaper's Eulogy
This little bottle has been hanging out in the back of the crypt's cooler for some time now.  It is intended to be a autumn or October beer.  Even though it's the middle of February --- what the heck, we gave it a go.  It is a very delicious fruity and spicy ale that you'll find is easy to drink.  Like the company name implies, you won't want to rush this 'Lazy' beer.  Take your time to reel in all the flavors of coriander and orange peel in the bottle.

I found this Spiced Ale to be an easy drinker with lots of character.   A great switch up if you are looking for something sessionable and light. Do give their website a look and see how this brewery survived the largest hurricane, ever. I'd say after an auspicious start as that, they will are poised for more future success.

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