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Monday, January 3, 2011

Ska - True Blonde Ale

Dead Soldier
Where to Dig Up More About This Beer
True Blonde Ale 
Ska Brewing Co.
225 Girard Street
Durango, CO USA
Est. 1995

Brain Damage Quotient = 5.3 % ABV
Fluid Oz. = 12.0

Postmortem Brew Review
Hazed pale yellow color.
Malt grain affronts your sense of smell up front with little hops
Quickly foaming two finger slight white head fizzes out in about ten seconds.
No lacing present.
Dray malted grain taste. Crisp and a bit of fruit noticed. Mild hops.
Active amount of carbonation.
Light to medium bodied mouth feel. 

Grim Reaper's Eulogy
So far, the Ska bunch have made me a fan. The Steel Toe Stout, the Pin Stripe Red and the Buster Nut Brown were all fab. This one was a bit of a clinker for me. Not really a fan of blondes, (the ale types that is), and it didn't really register with my taste buds. I suppose it is okay for the style, but I was underwhelmed.

What does make this beer fun is that Ska includes more of the comic book style branding on the bottle, a-la the Buster Nut Brown label. Here we find a rather 'amply endowed' blond. A young lass, roaring off on her scooter to who-knows-where, (the Ska brewery, perhaps?) Her pony-tail is flying in the breeze and she's giving you the prom queen wave and a smile, all decked out in her checkered flag mini-skirt and snug fitting sweater.

The good news for me is Ska has other offerings, and happily I am headed back west soon. I will be scouring the bottle shops in search for more of their skull banging nectars.

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