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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Alaskan - White Ale

Dead Soldier
Where to Dig Up More About This Beer
Alaskan White Ale
Alaskan Brewing Company
Juneau, AK USA

Brain Damage Quotient = 5.3 % ABV
Fluid Oz. = 12.0

Postmortem Brew Review
Bright gold color.
Big bready nose. Soured grass and a hint of citrus perfume also in the nose.
One finger, crisp white head that is gone in 60 seconds. No lacing.
Taste is lemony, then bready, then lemony. A little grassy.
More orange citrus taste as it warms.
Medium to lightly carbonated.
Light and slightly sweet, without being syrupy.

Grim Reaper's Eulogy
This witbier is surely different than most I've tried. Not a lot of frutiness nor spice, but instead it drinks like a fresh loaf of bread. The lemon, then bread yeast and then grass flavors keep rolling around in your mouth. The flavors pop out over and over for a few seconds after the swallow. Not bad. Quite interesting and fairly delicious. By far, this is the most pronounced bread flavored witbier I have come across. It is not quite distinctly there on all accounts, but somehow it seems to come together. The final pour reveals a yeast cloud, so be sure to roll the bottle, and all that.

But, don't let the polar bear scare you.

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